June 26, 2013

Singapore: Our second home

Yes, after my 4 months maternity break in Cebu, we are back in Singapore. It feels good to be back. I've never missed Singapore like this before. It felt like a huge part of me was left behind in this little red dot and I have to be reunited with it. So here we are...

Life now has been totally different with the little one in tow. The impromptu getaways and dine outs are long gone. Planning is the thing for us now. Even day outs have to be planned ahead of time. We cannot just decide on the last minute as to where to go because we have to consider the weather and the place so the little one will be comfortable. So far, it's been good and we've fairly survived.

I am just glad that there are other mamas here who are passionate in helping other mamas out there. It makes motherhood a lot more fun and easier. I've first bumped into one of the most helpful and informative mama website while planning for our trip to Hongkong last year. And I was very happy when I found out that they created one here in Singapore too.  It has been my go-to-guide ever since. From kid friendly cafes/restaurants, weekend activities for the kids and even mama's pampering guide. (Yes, that is a must!)

Recently, the Sassy Mamas posted a write up on why it's better to be a mama in Singapore. I must say all of it are true! I cannot think of any country or city I've visited, not even Cebu, who can top Singapore in being child/family friendly. And it clearly shows in how they've managed to make every family with kids feel comfortable by putting up clean and cozy nursery/nappy changing rooms in almost all shopping malls, high chairs in almost all restaurants, beautiful parks, pram-friendly train stations and walk-ways and a lot more. Things like these makes it easier for us new parents to go through parenthood with confidence in a foreign country where help is not very accessible.

I truly appreciate Singapore for its convenience and safety. 

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