February 10, 2009

Dreamy Mode

i have not yet fully recovered from my depression...of not being able to buy a ticket to Jason Mraz's concert here in Singapore because it was sold out in just 3 days after its announcement grrrrrrrrrr :(

but but i don't want to dwell on that anymore...char! im letting it go. now na!
so to avoid severe sadness, im setting myself to a dreamy mode.

well, i still want to watch jason's concert. maybe not in singapore. i have a feeling it will be in another continent where he is really really famous. and since my other faves are there, why not meet them too. yahoo! bono the great, i will meet you soon and of course, chris martin, don't worry im gonna buy a ticket to your concert .

weeeeeeee im sooo excited! Jason + U2 + Coldplay *grin*

February 03, 2009

Is it required?I mean seriously...

ohh my first post after days of hibernation :)

the past days were spent preparing for the big day. research, research and more research. now, im tired stalking those helpful sites. but apart from the preparation, got really busy fixing things up between us. reality really sinks in big time and if its not too much, on the least unexpected time. oh well, nothing much to do but to deal with it or else everything will disappear in a flash. *sigh*

but seriously, it got me to thinking if its really required to deal with all those arguments with all my heart into it? i admit im a sappy emotional freak and mostly than not, i over react. yes, even to the littliest tiniest stuff. so i always end up feeling lost because i dwell too much on an issue. at the back of my head, i reason that things need to be settled now or never. but i learned along the way that most people don't think like i do. poor me for thinking the other way around. you can just imagine how much time and energy i've wasted for all the drama.

anyway, i have made up my mind! im not talking. i will find myself because i think i lost it somewhere. i have to bring it home so i could really, seriously continue living. don't get me wrong, im still sane but with my active other self a.k.a alter ego. *wink*

on another note, is it really required for a B2B to have a MOH? duh! i think i'll not have one unless the church would allow me to have a male version. *grin*