April 28, 2009

Trying the Art of Letting Go.

everyday is a struggle for me. yes, until now.
everyday, i realize that i am still a work in progress.

today, i am trying my best to let go...

- of the painful past
- of impatience
- of negative emotions
- of overthinking
- of being super sensitive
- of friends??? uuhhhmmm, unhealthy friends.

all these absorb my energy. everytime, i try to exert effort to entertain, i end up really frustrated, disappointed and drained all at the same time.

April 17, 2009

Mixed Emotions

what a comeback!

i was certainly in total hibernation for awhile like almost a month since my last post. i admit i didn't have the desire to write something even if i was in such rollercoaster ride in the past weeks. i don't know. it maybe pure laziness or something else.

and then just today, i was reminded. i suddenly felt i have no one except myself to cling on to. (here i am again expecting a lot from other people). i am total wreck! i am losing patience. i am losing kindness. i am almost losing love. i don't know which situation triggered all these. i am finding it hard to understand others. it felt difficult to even show them patience. and now, my relationships are affected just because i am all focused on myself. *sigh*

good thing i have this blog to vent out my emotions especially when there's no one to talk to. coz, everytime i feel this way, i always think nobody cares. they seem all too far away. *another sigh*