August 25, 2009

I Am a Beautiful Mess.

somehow, in some ways, i can totally relate to this song.
this is one of my fave Mraz' songs and i am lovin' the thought of him singing this song for me. *grin*


i listened to this endlessly last night, when my good friend Mr. A, reminded me of our YM sing along few months back. thank you Mr. A for always believing in me beyond my complications and absurdity. you have been my far-away, wingless angel even if we don't communicate that much.

while listening, i was reminded of many things...

" i am strong but i am needy"
" i am humble but i am greedy" :(
" my style is quite selective but my mind is rather reckless"

but inspite of how extreme i become "sometimes". there are still people who tells me that...

"cause i like being submerged in your contradictions, dear"
" although you are biased i love your advice"
" there's no shame in being crazy depending how you take these"
" here we are, we're still here"
" it's a beautiful mess"
" and through timeless words and priceless pictures, we'll fly like bird not of this earth.and tides they turn and hearts disfigure, but that's no concern when we're wounded together...but it's nice today, the wait is so worth it" 

haayyyy i have to really fight the demons inside me. i have to tell myself over and over again that i am blessed abundantly beyond what my heart can contain. i have to, i have to!

and oh btw, i chose this particular video coz i love the images shown. another inspiration for the photoshoot =D