July 22, 2011

The Busy, Beautiful Ho Chi Minh!

I don't have words for now :)

Let the pictures describe how we saw beauty amidst the bustling streets.

That's me checking out some of the local's artworks. Warning: Do check carefully before buying coz some of the items are not original. *wink*

All pictures are taken in the busy street of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, previously known as Saigon,Vietnam.

July 21, 2011

Hooked on Travel Deals!

Day by day, I've become almost impatient for another trip. But I have to remind myself to be still and wait for 3 more weeks. It's really such a loooooonnnggg wait! My itchy feet is craving for another train/ferry/plane ride =)

Just recently, I've discovered a new way to tame my wanderlust. I've hooked myself like almost everyday (that's 8 hours in the office consumed) to checking travel deals online. I am not referring to travel deals from sites such as those from agoda.com or asiaroom.com but rather sites such as these...

2 Tours in One Special (Beijing + Shanghai), $60 instead of $636, 91% off 5D4N Beijing Tour + 5D4N Shanghai Fantastic Tour + 4 Star Hotel + Meals

And a lot more...You may check this link for list of all deals. They have a list of almost everything - from food, spa, travel, fashion, beauty, workshop and even a hello kitty mahjong set :) So hurry and book your next travel! These are really tempting deals not to be missed =)

(Disclaimer: I am not paid to post this and convince you :P Just sharing my new found addiction :))

July 16, 2011

The cable car experience in Hong Kong!

Our last day in Hong Kong was spent in Lantau Island to see the Po Lin Monastery and Great Buddha.

There used to be only two ways to get to the island from Hong Kong mainland - a bus service and a one hour mountain trail. Good thing they decided to construct the use of the cable cars, it made the journey short and easy - just 25 minutes to reach the island.

This is our second cable car ride as a family. First was in Genting Highlands. I thought, this time I will have an easier time coping up with my fear of heights because the whole family is with me but sadly, to no avail. Every cable car ride feels the same way to me...SCARY! The reminder to keep my smile didn't work for me :P 25 minutes felt like 1 hour! I should have taken the mountain trail, I think I will have a better photo than this :P

And this by far is the highest and longest cable car ride in Southeast Asia. How did I survived?

Well, these photos will tell you how =)

Notice how lady-like my smile is? That's the i-want-to-get-outta-here smile :P

They distracted me by taking photos and having fun inside the cable car  :D However, we made sure that we don't move that much so not to cause some swinging movement of the car.  Because while up high, we suddenly heard the strong sound of the wind through sides of the door. My father was sitting still and checking the durability of the glasses (as if! haha). He too looked scared but pretended calm :P

It sure did help that I was with a bunch of equally crazy people. Even my little brother was teasing and laughing at me. But if you ask me if I want to do it again, why not!? Although I would prefer to do it again with these same people.

This ride is not for the faint-hearted. You've got to enjoy heights and slow rides to appreciate this experience. But I'd still recommend this as part of your family trip itinerary when you visit Hong Kong. The view up there is just amazing. Promise :)

July 01, 2011

Travel Inspirations

Patiently waiting for my next trip...

Currently, wishing I can travel every weekend to places I haven't been.

So while I console myself, let me share to you some links that I've been drooling the past weeks.

Flight 001 - Window Seat

You can submit daily travel inspiration or travel photos to their website. Cool! Can be used if your planning for your next trip.

This City Called Earth

Simple but beautiful photos from all over the world.

Travel with my Camera

A photo blog by Ingrid Kjelling from Norway who is currently based in Perth, Australia. She has been travelling back and forth to Bali, Indonesia and capturing lovely photos of the place. Everytime I visit her blog, it makes me want to book a plane ticket to Bali instantly.

The photos above reminded me to share my travel photos too. I know, I have been really procrastinating and unluckily bitten by the lazy bug :D Please bear with me =)

Have a blessed weekend everyone! Discover something new :)