December 27, 2010

Our little Christmas celebration away from "home".

No words can express how grateful I am to celebrate Christmas with my husband and dearest friends in Singapore. Although, away from our families, love and friendship still made our hearts full - made me forget how much I wanted to go home for Christmas =)

More photos here.

Hope you all had a wonderful and meaningful Christmas! Let's all look forward to an amazing 2011 <3

Photo credits: Josephine Sicad-Minerva

December 07, 2010

Our Europe Dream - Need your Help!

Help us make our Europe tour come true!
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  • Look for "Sharing a Dream in Europe" by Vonskie.
  • Click on my dream cloud.
  • Click "Like"! (When my "dream page" opens, it'll be on the upper right portion.)
Pretty please people! Thank you in advance!
Create your own dream too and share the link so I can like it!

The Art of Non-Conformity.

Have you ever thought of doing something unconventional? Something that most people would rather ignore? Something that you think impossible? Something that you are scared of?

I used to think that its impossible for me to travel to places I want to see. Even in my hometown, I was skeptical to visit nearby beaches and islands because they were too expensive for my meager salary. When I moved to Singapore for work, I found myself stuck in a place with less beauty. After less than 1 year, I realized i need to see other places other than this small country. So off I booked my first leisure travel abroad - Phuket, Thailand. That was in 2008.

Two years after and married, I am unstoppable. I've been to places so far listed in my Southeast Asia travel list. Yes, I have a separate travel list for each continents/region and the like :)) And I am still booking flights to my other dream places - islands in the Philippines, few more countries in Asiapac and another continent. 2011 sounds really exciting for me and my bestest travel buddy. We can't wait!

So, how is this related to my title? Because, i used to be the conventional girl. Some of my friends may find me strong in the outside but I am a fearful girl inside. The decision of working abroad was not even a plan more so a dream. I was very much contented with my clerical job and minimum salary back home. Then one day, i realized i need to do something if i want to go to places. So there, I landed in Singapore without a job but an overwhelming faith that I will soon get one. I left my comfort zone even if people told me my job and company was great. I chased independence away from my family even  if i don't have the assurance i'll get a new job in this country.

What I'm trying to say is, you don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to. If you don't decide for yourself what you want to get out of life, someone else will probably end up deciding for you. These are some of the philosophies I lived up to and quoted from this guy, Chris Guillebeau, author of The Art of Non-Conformity. I recently found out that this guy has been doing unconventional things. He wrote a book, traveled the world and shared to people his unconventional ideas. His website is now included in my daily read because he is a genius.

If you want to learn more, subscribe to his email updates and be inspired. As much as I wanted to share more of my non-conforming ideas, i would rather want you to read him first than make a fool of myself  :D.

December 03, 2010

Deals you should not miss.

You know in Facebook how ads are popping up like mushrooms? Yes, there are! From clothes, shoes, bags, spa and even diapers. During one of my lowlight days while checking the site, I came across I found out that they give out good deals for resort and cruise packages. I initially thought they are interested with donuts and facials only, apparently they are also interested in travel and relaxation. Cool!

I was fortunate enough to purchase a very good deal for an overnight stay package in Nongsa resorts, Batam Indonesia. It was a perfect treat for our planned weekend getaway with the husband. They reserved this lovely seaview room for us. (sorry for the low-res photo, just copied it from their site).

So how does the purchasing works? They announce the deal before its even open to the public so people will watch out for it. They post the announcement in their facebook account here. Once they open the deal, you are only allowed to purchase it within a specific period of time . So you better be ready! If it gets confirmed, they will send you the voucher with the instruction how to use/make reservations. That easy!

While you busy yourself checking out their latest deal, let me me print my voucher first coz we are going tomorrow :D Weehhh!