September 02, 2009

September and 3 months to go!

2nd day of the month and i could not hide my giddiness :D

i am more excited than usual because 2 weeks from now, we will be in Cebu. together this time. wohooo! aside from that, this month is our anniversary month. woot! woot! i know it sounds corny but tell you, i am beyond description. we will be 4 years together in a few days! (thats 3 years together, 1.5 years apart, & 1 year together again haha) isn't that worth celebrating?

anyhoo, our Cebu trip will be a blast, i'm pretty sure. the itinerary is done and waiting to be accomplished. it will be a marathon, which makes it more exciting. from the moment our plane will land on Mactan's pureness, off we go to our first meeting. whew! not even a moment to freshen up haha. but how can i complain? our schedule itself is in its essence, hectic. so why not enjoy the 4 days vacay/marathon meetings/prenup/family get-together, right?

for the anniv, we are planning for an island weekend get-away. i hope this time, it will push through. i have been postponing trips since June and i will be really frustrated if this trip will be canceled again. i hope not. we have not decided where to go but rawa island in malaysia is in my fancy currently. i will storm heavens with my prayers for the success of this plan :D

3 months to go before the BIG day! and lately, Moyo and I, have been arguing madly. but i am confident we can sort things out really soon like maybe later tonight. i'm just giving him time to think things out and i'm spending time with myself and recollecting my inner peace kay murag g.atake napud ko. love is still in the air and in our hearts, that's for sure :D

be love,