February 22, 2010

Working in Singapore

I have been asked a million times about how to get a job in Singapore and somehow i ran out of words to say. while most of my family and friends know that I am working in recruitment, most of them does not know that I am only working in IT recruitment which is totally different from doing HR tasks. with the growing number of Filipinos looking for better opportunities in Singapore, I sometimes wish I have various open positions on hand so I  can just consider their applications anytime. but like any other life or career changing decisions, it takes hard work to reach one's goals.

The least I can do is share some of the most commonly used websites by recruiters. You can sign up and upload your resumes in these job sites and from there start your applications.

1. www.monster.com.sg

2. www.jobsdb.com.sg

3. www.linkedin.com

4. http://worksingapore.com/

So far, these are the sites we've been using. I hope these helps. In case, you know any other websites, feel free to share so I can update the list.

God bless!