December 31, 2008

thank you 2008...hello 2009!

dear God,

thank you for my 2008. it was indeed full of surprises from the start to the end. i honestly enjoyed the rollercoaster ride with You.

thank you for the unexpected heartbreak, for the strength to move on, for the courage to break, for the humility to forgive, for the love of family and friends, for the grace to trust again, for the passion of service, for my job and colleagues, for the blessings of travel and for a new love.

gosh, i could not imagine what my life would be now if i didn't have to go through all those events of the year. You were with me all along. and once again, i thank You from the deepest bottom of my heart.

now, i welcome 2009 with an open heart and mind! i am excited for more surprises to come. shower me with Your love and compassion so i could be more loving and forgiving to people who would hurt me and to people who are difficult to love. equip me with more knowledge and wisdom so i could come up with brilliant ideas and wise decisions in all aspects of my life. continue to guard my heart for any negative and nonsense emotions. always strengthen and humble me. ignite my passion of service so i could continue to help. and bless me so i could be a blessing to others.

i claim and firmly believe that grander things are about to happen next year. whether its painful or happy, i will embrace it in wild abandon.

p.s.1. bless my family and friends too and grant their heart's desires. bless na lang pud those who hate me, may You purify their intentions always.

p.s.2. bless the world pud diay dear God especially the current crisis we are facing now. hopefully prices would go down next year (kay mamalhin mi ug balay hihi) and more job opportunity in Singapore (kay moari na si Moyo ).apil nlng pud please ang salary increase hehehe.