February 10, 2011

Family Trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

 Forgive me for this super overdue post. I almost forgot I made a draft for this post thinking I could finish writing in one go. It's better late than never =D

I wrote an intro post here about my family's trip last April 2010. It was a blast! Although we were not complete as a family, we still enjoyed the whole adventure.

In KL, we stayed in this cozy guest house recommended for overnight stay, family and backpackers alike. I find them affordable for the kind of accommodation they offer. The place is decent, clean and very homey.

After we settled in the guesthouse, we immediately proceeded to the bus terminal going to Genting Highlands since my cousin booked our tickets in advance. Unfortunately, we missed our trip and took a cab all the way. The drive for one hour was exhausting and stressful with no AC, traffic and broken engine. Nonetheless, we reached the place still excited. We took the cable car to and fro and with trembling knees, we forced ourselves to enjoy the foggy scenery outside our cart.

There's nothing much to do in Genting unless you enjoy casinos and outdoor rides. Due to lack of time, we were not able to try on the rides. Although the cable car ride alone compensated for whole experience =D

Back in the city, I brought them to see the Petronas Towers. It was my first time too and I was mesmerized. The building looked really pretty in the evening but kinda boring during the day :) Sadly, we don't have a good shot of the tower because of our lousy digicam :( After many attempts, we settled for these...

The following day was our last day. We decided to roam around to nearby malls, shopping bazaar and streets.

Overall our KL trip was fun but really hectic. I was solely relying on my cousin's instructions. I didn't prepare for any back up plans or did thorough research. Although I enjoyed the liberating thought of just going with the flow, I reckoned it would have been better if I did plan properly. But who cares? Family trip is always fun whether planned or unplanned :D