May 01, 2010

Phi Phi Island & Kata Beach Phuket, Thailand

Our much awaited vacation is confirmed!

I've written previously that on our list this year, Phuket Thailand is a must. Finally, we've managed to fix the date, our leaves, our plane tickets, our itinerary and of course our budget. We've decided to visit the most famous island in Phuket - Phi phi island. Not just island hop but to at least spend a night there. Sounds exciting!

When I plan for a trip, I make sure that I've searched enough information before going. It will usually take me a month or lesser to decide which resort/hotel to stay in. I prepare the itinerary list with all the necessary details such as estimated time arrival, distance, contacts and budget. I know it sounds stiff and unadventurous. But this is my way of making sure we are on the right track especially in terms of possible expenses.

Anyhoo, we've booked this really beautiful resort in Phi Phi - Paradise Pearl Resort. According to travelers' reviews, the location is just perfect for someone who is looking for some relaxation and quiet time in the beach. Although the food is average, the staff and service is worth recommending. It could be quite expensive compared to other resorts in the area but in a place like this, you wouldn't want to compromise on that. Hmm at least for us.

Since we will be spending 3 days for this trip, we planned to visit the beach in the mainland as well. There are a lot of beautiful beaches you can choose from but we or shall I say, I wanted to check out Kata Beach this time. I've been to Patong 2 years back and I was not amused with the beach except for the busy night life. But then again, we are going there to relax. What interests me with Kata is its popularity for surfing. I know I'm not good at it or have not even tried it but I want to see some real life action and May is the best month to witness it. Yes, we are going during the low season, which means big waves are in full blast. But wth? This is vacation so nothing can stop us!

For more information about Phuket, you may want to check out this SITE or better yet, get a copy of Lonely Planet, Phuket Encounter.