November 21, 2015

Family Beach Trip: Alegre Beach Resort, Cebu

Hello there blog world! I am back from a veeeerrrrryyyyy long hiatus! I know all of you have been waiting for my next post and been bugging me to post a new one ever since I got silent. Please forgive me, motherhood got in the way and two kids under two wasn't an easy task. ( this is me talking to my imaginary blog readers :p )

Well, in case someone out there discovers this blog and finds it helpful and useful, then maybe it's worth writing stuff and keeping this back up again. I've got so much to share and stories to tell about our family trips; to the beach, to some famous cities, to our hometown and day-outs in our current home - Singapore.

Let me start my "welcome-back-blog-post" with our first family beach get-away in 2013, 2 months after I gave birth to our first son, Lujan. (this sounds so loong ago :p)

Mandatory mirror selfie for first time parents :)

Mandatory bed selfie with our little bub, who looked so excited to be out with Mama and Papa :)

Our little family's first beach trip was in Alegre Beach Resort, located in Calumboyan, Sogod, Cebu Philippines. This town is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours north of Cebu City. If you are traveling with young kids, it is best to arrange a private transportation to the resort. Otherwise, taking the Ceres bus at the North reclamation bus terminal is also an option. These buses already have air conditioned types, so it's safe to say that traveling is quite convenient and they have hourly trips scheduled.

What I like most about this resort is the privacy. Their location is not very convenient, I must say, because the resort is about 15 minutes from the main road. They are the only resort in the area. You won't find passersby or vendors selling along the beach. They are so private that you won't even think of going somewhere else to eat. But that's the beauty of it! The place is exactly where you'd want to be if you want a relaxing and quiet time at the beach.

Before we had our son, our travels always involved beach trips. However, it became seldom when I got pregnant. When we decided to give birth in our hometown in Cebu, I've imagined many times the beach trips we will have as a family.

Finally, it happened on Mother's day in May 2013, 2 months after I gave birth to our first-born. The preparation I did wasn't quite extensive as I thought it would be traveling with a baby in tow. I had the essentials ready - milk, feeding bottles, baby clothes, nappies, baby wipes, toiletries, cleaning items and more baby clothes. My family thought we'll be away for a week instead of just one night, when they saw the huge bag I brought only for the baby. I did not take the risk of running out of anything since it was our first family trip. Well, it is always good to be prepared than be sorry considering that the resort's location is nowhere near any convenient store. 

What we realised during the trip was to schedule our activities according to the baby's feeding and nap time. Babies his age only cares about drinking milk and sleeping. We learned to sacrifice our time at the beach because we can't be under the sun all the time with the baby. We also learned to be efficient at meal time since it's not all the time the baby is in a good mood. Always anticipate melt downs, was what I always had in mind. Good thing our baby was such a trooper. He loved the beach as much as we did. He slept soundly on the beach chair while we had our brief couple time. He showed amazement and excitement at the sound of the waves and the sand touching his feet. He was very curious of his surrounding and smiled happily looking around. We knew back then that it was just the beginning of the many more beach trips we will have as a family.

Thank you Alegre for the wonderful experience on Mother's day! The place and food was already a treat. But since the day was special for mothers, you made me feel pampered and extra-special with a spa massage and flowers. It was indeed an unforgettable day with my little family. The resort will always be one of my happy places in Cebu and I know for sure that I will keep coming back. 'Til next time!

Thank God for grandma and best friend who picked us at the resort :)