June 27, 2013

Throwback Thursday: My Unexpected Love for Luang Prabang

It was back in early 2012 when my ex-colleague and I randomly chatted how we both wanted to backpack around SouthEast Asia. He shared how he did it few years ago during his university gap year and how he still wanted to visit those places again. I, on the other hand, wanted to visit those I haven't been to.  

On our list was Hanoi Vietnam, Siem Reap Cambodia, Koh Samui Thailand, and Laos. We have to find a way how to travel to these places safely without sacrificing time and visit at least three on the list. During our search, we luckily found out that Bangkok Airways has a discovery airpass thing. This type of routing and booking allows you to choose international and domestic flights operated by Bangkok Airways and Lao Airlines within some of the SouthEast Asian countries/cities. All you have to do is plot out your desired route based on the routing schedule they have already set. Unfortunately, a flight departing from Singapore is not included in their routing. But don't fret, because lots of budget airlines fly out of Singapore to either Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and even Laos. Wherever you plan to start your trip from Singapore, that would be your starting point of the discovery airpass. Cool right?

June 26, 2013

Traveling to Hong Kong while pregnant

I was around 28 weeks pregnant when the husband and I decided to celebrate Christmas away from home. This was last year when we both can't go home to Cebu because I was anyway due to go home in mid January. We thought why not celebrate the occasion differently, something that we haven't done before. And the easiest choice was to travel somewhere cold and experience Christmas in another place.

Hong Kong was top on the list because firstly, its near Singapore and travel time is not that long. Secondly, its winter season in Hong Kong that means weather is very different in sunny Singapore. Thirdly, Cathay Pacific had an ongoing sale for a roundtrip ticket to HK for the Christmas season. How was that for a coincidence? I certainly did my happy dance :)

Traveling with a bump more so at 28 weeks was not easy especially with the bump like mine which looked like I was about to pop anytime :D So yes, it was huge! You have to first make sure that you get a go ahead (medical certificate) from your OB that you are safe to travel. Once that's settled, then prepare your body and mind for the flight. Don't expect too much priority will be given to you just because you are pregnant or else you will be disappointed and it will affect your mood. Keep an open mind and think that you will enjoy the trip inspite of the big ball you're carrying :) Bring your own tumbler/water bottle during the flight and have it filled up with water to keep you hydrated (we all know that preggers need water all the time). Bring your little pillow to add extra comfort to your seat. Non-budget airlines will provide you with one but I was glad I had my belly pillow with me. In all times, if you can, show off your belly to get that priority. Use it to your advantage because it's never easy to queue up in the airport or taxi stand :D

Singapore: Our second home

Yes, after my 4 months maternity break in Cebu, we are back in Singapore. It feels good to be back. I've never missed Singapore like this before. It felt like a huge part of me was left behind in this little red dot and I have to be reunited with it. So here we are...

Life now has been totally different with the little one in tow. The impromptu getaways and dine outs are long gone. Planning is the thing for us now. Even day outs have to be planned ahead of time. We cannot just decide on the last minute as to where to go because we have to consider the weather and the place so the little one will be comfortable. So far, it's been good and we've fairly survived.

I am just glad that there are other mamas here who are passionate in helping other mamas out there. It makes motherhood a lot more fun and easier. I've first bumped into one of the most helpful and informative mama website while planning for our trip to Hongkong last year. And I was very happy when I found out that they created one here in Singapore too.  It has been my go-to-guide ever since. From kid friendly cafes/restaurants, weekend activities for the kids and even mama's pampering guide. (Yes, that is a must!)