June 05, 2009

Someone visited in Singapore

my lil bro stayed with me for 2 weeks (May 15-30) while school is out. this is our promise to him last year but things didn't worked out as planned thus this year's visit . it was supposed to be a family vacation but due to some constraints, my parents' visit will be scheduled next time.

in the airplane (cebu pacific). his first overseas trip

we didn't visit the usual touristry places but instead visited theme parks, free parks :D, malls and of course walang kamatayang sentosa hehe.

inside the bus

he got bored during weekdays so have to make up by touring him around during weekends. i'm super happy, he enjoyed the extreme rides, luge and bet you, the skyride (which btw, i totally hate).

more pictures here.

now, he's back in Cebu and i'm missing him BIGTIME *sobs*