June 26, 2013

Traveling to Hong Kong while pregnant

I was around 28 weeks pregnant when the husband and I decided to celebrate Christmas away from home. This was last year when we both can't go home to Cebu because I was anyway due to go home in mid January. We thought why not celebrate the occasion differently, something that we haven't done before. And the easiest choice was to travel somewhere cold and experience Christmas in another place.

Hong Kong was top on the list because firstly, its near Singapore and travel time is not that long. Secondly, its winter season in Hong Kong that means weather is very different in sunny Singapore. Thirdly, Cathay Pacific had an ongoing sale for a roundtrip ticket to HK for the Christmas season. How was that for a coincidence? I certainly did my happy dance :)

Traveling with a bump more so at 28 weeks was not easy especially with the bump like mine which looked like I was about to pop anytime :D So yes, it was huge! You have to first make sure that you get a go ahead (medical certificate) from your OB that you are safe to travel. Once that's settled, then prepare your body and mind for the flight. Don't expect too much priority will be given to you just because you are pregnant or else you will be disappointed and it will affect your mood. Keep an open mind and think that you will enjoy the trip inspite of the big ball you're carrying :) Bring your own tumbler/water bottle during the flight and have it filled up with water to keep you hydrated (we all know that preggers need water all the time). Bring your little pillow to add extra comfort to your seat. Non-budget airlines will provide you with one but I was glad I had my belly pillow with me. In all times, if you can, show off your belly to get that priority. Use it to your advantage because it's never easy to queue up in the airport or taxi stand :D

When strolling around and sightseeing, try to list down the places you want to visit so it would be easier for you and your partner to find the location. It's quite tiring to walk around guessing if you are in the correct address, so avoid that hassle. Try to schedule your day and don't prepare a hectic itinerary. Keep it easy and simple. If possible, visit one touristy place in one day. Don't cramp up two or more. This way, you will have more time to rest. When choosing a hotel, comfort is key. Book somewhere near the places you want to see and make sure to read reviews. If you can, try not to book budget hotels or backpackers hostels because these places are usually not pregnant friendly. It is important that you will be able to rest well in the comfort of your hotel bed.

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy all the yummy food in the place. Try the local cuisine if it doesn't taste funny. Anyway, if you travel during your second trimester, all types of food taste delish :)

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