March 08, 2011

We LOVE Bohol Bee Farm.

My friends are right! This place is such a happy place - Full of pretty rustic things. Food is healthy and organic. Decors were handcrafted and some were made from old/reusable materials.

Everything inside Bohol Bee Farm is screaming lovely. I want to visit this place again and stay at least a night or forever :D

My favorite table set-ups in their resto - vintage sewing machine converted to dining table, pretty table tops, rustic wooden tables. Love!

Their homemade Malunggay and Spicy Ginger ice cream is a must try!

Some of their handcrafted decors - inspiring and full of bold colors. These were labor of love from talented women who work in the farm.


And of course, food and drinks are healthy because they promote organic farming. Everything served in their restaurant were harvested from their farm. If you want to know how they do it, you better join one of their guided farm tours when you visit the place.

Yes, we can eat the flowers according to the tour guide (although we were very hesitant to do so :D). These flowers are edible because of pollination

By their name itself, yes, they have beehives in the farm :)

March 06, 2011

Family Trip to HongKong (Part 1)

I am back! :P

Sorry for the hibernation guys, I was in a "homesick" state after my three weeks vacation in Cebu. It took me quite a while to shoo away the sadness of missing my family and friends back home. But anyway, I am back and almost done editing all our vacation photos. Whew! I learned photoshop instantly because I want all our photos to look lovely :D

So firstly, I want to share our first family trip abroad with the complete cast. I can't even describe exactly how happy we were to finally realized this trip. Yes, it was expensive to travel in a big group but travelling with your loved ones makes you forget all the moolah you spent :) Life is short!

We stayed in this little guesthouse located in Nathan Road. It's not that fancy but it's decent and affordable. Good and comfortable enough for families and friends. Location wise is perfect for first timers because its nearby Tsim Sha Tsui MTR/Interchange and bus stop where you can take buses to the airport. Although food is not that accessible if you're looking to try on some local delicacies. I mean if you are travelling with your family, its quite cumbersome to look around the place for the perfect resto for everyone. But there's always Mcdonalds and Pizzahut nearby to save your day ;)

We started our first day with a photowalk around Nathan Road and HK Central.

I love their city bus :)

Fishing at the Causeway. (not really sure :P)

The MTR near our guesthouse.

And of course, I paid a visit to where all my lomo inspiration came from :) To my husband's surprise, I didn't buy anything :D It's a new branch in Tsim Sha Tsui.

HongKong's streets are so pretty and full of interesting stuffs. I was really amused at how messy, busy, at the same time pretty each and every corner is. Sadly, I failed to take lots of pictures because my camera went battery dead. Epic fail. Gosh!

'Til here. Will post second day soon. Promise :D