March 19, 2009


i have to write something in this blog or else it be totally forgotten.

i have to thank Kaith for reminding me that I have a blog to update. but because of busyness and pure laziness, i didn't have the time to check yesterday.

anyhow, i've been really busy in the office with requirements coming in from nowhere. hehe. i am not complaining though. i know i have to be grateful inspite of the economic depression, i am one of the few who still has an income and job. i BIG thank you to HIM up there.

i am also busy preparing for the BIG day. i need to do a lot of research for suppliers and other details. i know its still 9 months from now but time flies so fast and i don't want to procrastinate this time. not for my wedding!

i am also in dilemma as to which site we should use for wedding updates. i made one in blogspot but later on decided to make one in multiply as well. because of my complications, i have decided to use both :D Moyo won't mind for sure coz he won't be doing the updates anyway. he doesn't bug me as long as i am writing no-nonsense. both sites are still under construction and not updated. as soon as everything is in place, i will make it public so our friends can check.

so far, nothing much happening. starting now, i promise to visit my site often. i need to write some updates and do some tweaking. i've lost all my blogmates' sites :(

ciao for now!