March 01, 2010

Tips on How to Live to 100

My late grandmother lived until the age of 91. When you look at her physically, you wouldn't believe that she can still carry a one case of beer with her bare hands. She was brought to the hospital only once before she got severely ill because of pneumonia. That for us, was such an accomplishment given one of her children died of high blood pressure while the rest are currently suffering from either diabetes or high cholesterol. I used to believe that these illnesses were purely hereditary but when we found out that my grandma didn't even had any of those, we blamed it to food and lifestyle. came up with a list of tips on how to live longer. I thought  our good genes and  healthy living are enough to actually live to 100 but surprisingly, some other things are also important. Click here to read the article.

Travel Lusting: Conquer Asia's Finest

Singapore has very limited public holidays compared to the Philippines. This year they have a total of ten public holidays which usually falls on a weekend (and which is a good thing btw). So far, the Chinese New year has the longest off days, for obvious reasons that the locals celebrate it.

Since last year, i have been counting the public holidays for this year because i claimed and declared that this will be our travel year *big grin*. Actually, i've been doing this declaration two years ago but sadly it didn't happen. I've been to nearby cities in previous years like Johor Bahru Malaysia, Batam Indonesia and Phuket Thailand. But really nothing much to see in these places, except for the amazing Phuket, which to date was still my ultimate beach escapade.

I could say our travel year started with a blast. We kicked off with a trip to Boracay Island last January 1 for our honeymoon. Then followed by two trips to Malaysia for our first summer getaway at Rawa Island and Chinese new year vacay in Melaka. On April, my family will be coming over to Singapore for a one week visit and as promised to my mother, we will be going to Kuala Lumpur for a weekend trip. So far, so good. God is awesome indeed!

But i'm not finish travel lusting just yet. It's still March and there are seven more long weekends before Christmas. In my list, these are the following places to visit this year:

1. Phuket or Krabi Thailand - i wanted to visit this place every year actually. and the husband has not set foot on any of these. we are planning to schedule our trip hopefully this May or not on September. it's not advisable to go there on the rainy season of June to August because the waves will scare you big time.

2. Bali Indonesia - this is a must on August hihi. i am deliriously checking budget airlines for cheap air fares.but i cannot book instantly yet. i hope the airline i am eyeing at will still have the promo fare before end of this week. *crossing fingers and toes*

3. Hanoi Vietnam & Halong Bay - for soo long, i wanted to visit Vietnam too and try on one of the cruises at Halong Bay. i hope our budget will permit us to visit this place this year.

4. Hong Kong - we initially planned to go there on my birthday this June but the husband's family is coming over so we have to postpone it. i am hoping we can schedule the trip on December, in time for our one year wedding anniversary. it would be nice to celebrate it during the winter season. :D

5. Philippine Beaches - we are going home to Cebu for a five-day vacation this July. as a self-acclaimed beach bum, i was listing in my head the beaches/islands i wanted to visit - Siargao, El Nido, Caramoan, Pagudpud, Bantayan, Pandanon, Batangas, Zambales, and Siquijor. but what can you do with five days minus one for my bff's church wedding and minus two days for family get together? i can't even visit at least one on the list. sadly. as a consolation though, the husband told me we can visit the Bais sandbar while in Alegria. good enough for me. i will just try some other time to visit those in my list, hopefully on January next year :)

If we will be blessed with more income and resources, I hope to visit Japan, Australia, Dublin, Bangkok, Langkawi, Cambodia, and China. :D  If not, then they will occupy my list for next year :D. I fervently hope we could pull it through our travel year.

They say "dreams when written, do come true". Calling Mr. Universe! Hear me! =D